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Completed Containers

This project was in response to a customer need for immediate, affordable multi-unit housing in a climate that experiences extreme weather. Custom Containers 915 provided multiple units of varying design: from up to 6 unit private sleeping quarters per container to duplex bedrooms with en suite baths, as well as separate community kitchens and bathrooms.  The project was completed, with the delivery to the Custom Containers in three weeks. 
Units may be constructed from 20, 40, 40 High Cube and 53-foot lengths for everything from communal living spaces with multi-stall bathrooms and shower facilities to multi-story single-family housing with a kitchen, bedrooms, and private bath(s).  More information can be found in our Product Brochure
Affordable housing in days!

Conceptualized Designs

Structures developed by Custom Containers 915 represent environmentally positive structures.  With an estimated 11 million unused cargo containers in the world, repurposing this resource without the use of wood framing or masonry exterior walls can benefit the environment and provide a useful and cost-efficient structure.  
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